Typical Day at Mi Casita

Early Care

Students begin to arrive at 7:30 AM and enjoy supervised free play and gym time.

Circle Time

Every morning all classes begin the school day with circle time. The students engage in song, dance, and conversation, which sets the tone for the day. Each classroom has a designated area and wall dedicated to “calendar math,” which includes various tasks incorporating dates, number of days in school, days of the week and much more. The students are assigned a helper role for the day!


Literary Centers

Literary centers rotate on a daily basis to incorporate writing, math, reading, social studies, or science. Using art, experiments, blocks, and various play activities students practice skills and have fun at the same time.

Bathroom/ Snack

Students are provided with morning snack. The snacks include: fresh fruit, squeeze fruit and vegetable pouches, graham crackers, pretzels, gold fish etc.

Shared/ Interactive Reading

Shared and interactive readings allow the students to actively participate in making literature come alive. Together, the class explores and answers questions about the book. The older students learn about authors, illustrators, and how to navigate a book. Younger students began to orient books properly, turn the pages, and appreciate the images.


Project Time

Each month Mi Casita students explore a new project theme, which culminates with a presentation to a specific audience. During project time, students research, create art, read books about, and discuss ways to answer an underlying theme question. All project activities are created to match the students age specific abilities.

Project based learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. Through sparking curiosity and questions, students begin to create rich meaning with work and play.

Centers (Free Play)

Students have free time to play at various centers throughout the room. All classrooms have a home living area equipped with a kitchen and crib or play house. The students can also choose to play with the water tables, blocks, trains, puzzles, Play Doh, dress up and much more.


Gym/ Outside

As long as the weather cooperates, the students venture out. Whether it be a trip to the playground, adventure in the garden, or just a walk around the block, they love to explore the outdoors. Mi Casita has a garden plot located at the fenced-in Spring Garden. The children learn firsthand about growing vegetables and caring for crops.

The gym is equipped with floor mats, balance beam, sliding board, and various equipment to promote gross motor development. Gym class includes a quick warm up, obstacles courses, tumbling practice, parachute games, dance activities and tons of free play and active movement.

Lunch/ Siesta

All students eat lunch at Mi Casita. Half day students are picked up by 12:30. Full day students take a nap or have quiet time after lunch.


After Care & Afternoon Snack

After school care is from 3:30-6:00 PM. The students who stay are able to participate in afterschool programs 3 days a week, which include: Zoom Dance, Music Monkey Jungle,  yoga, Music with Mr. Joe, and Soccer Shots. All after school activities incorporate the Spanish language in one way or another.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Mondays: Zoom Dance

ZoomDance is empowering kids with the creativity, curiosity, and confidence to express themselves thoroughly and thoughtfully and to engage with the world in a deliberate and considered manner. Action Adventure Story-Telling Dance Movement for Kids 1-8 years. Classes, parties, camps, and events in Philadelphia, PA.


Tuesdays: Music Monkey Jungle

The Music Monkey Jungle Sing-Along is a good old-fashioned, community style sing-along for music monkeys of all ages, sizes, levels, and abilities. We’ll sing, dance, laugh, play, move, imagine and create while focusing on melody, unison, range, dynamics, tempo, call & response and having a rockin’ good time. Our mission is to bring music monkeys of all ages, sizes, and abilities together through music, movement, dance, friendship, connection, support, growth, love and a sense of belonging. Bring us to your school for assemblies, community celebrations, after-school programming or as the main music curriculum.


Wednesdays: Yoga

Bilingual yoga after school allows the students to stretch out, reflect on the day, and practice poses. Classes end with a lights out Savasana pose and a collective Namaste.

If you are interested in classes outside of school with our yoga instructor Stephanie Stevens, please check out the links below.


Thursdays: Music with Mr. Joe

The Lara & Joe Show is a children’s rock band. We’re a husband and wife duo that has been playing together since 2005. Lara is a certified Music Therapist and Joseph majored in Speech-Language Pathology in college. We provide music programs for preschools and daycare centers all across the Philadephia area. We also run Music Groups for babies, toddlers and preschoolers every week at Center City Pediatrics and at By My Side Parenting Group. We perform at birthday parties, community events, and other social gatherings.


Fridays: Soccer Shots

You will hear students scream ¡gooool! if you happen to enter Mi Casita on a Soccer Shots afternoon. This renowned program offers fun, structured soccer training. The coach emphasizes soccer skill development and teamwork. All students are so proud to score a goal at the end of the day.


Familia Events

Learning doesn’t stop when school is over. Mi Casita values creating social events for the entire family to enjoy. Whether a potluck lunch or music in the garden or Sister Cities Park, Mi Casita familias get together monthly to learn together in the community.