Our Approach

Spanish Immersion

Mi Casita is a Spanish Immersion preschool, meaning that teaching and interaction is conducted entirely in Spanish. This provides an environment where young children acquire the language very quickly.

The fastest and most effective way to achieve fluency in a language is through immersion, which provides students with full Spanish language instruction. It is not required for students to speak Spanish or have a Spanish background prior to enrolling.


Project-Based Learning

Mi Casita focuses on the development of the full child.  In addition to acquiring Spanish speaking and writing skills, students at Mi Casita will develop:

• Critical Thinking Skills • Inquiry Based Learning Ability • Project Based Learning Skills • Word/Sound Recognition • Problem Solving Abilities • The Ability to “Learn How to Learn” (and view school as a place for exploration and discovery) • Learning Through Play • Socialization Skills • Fine and Gross Motor Skills


Creative Curriculum

Mi Casita uses the Creative Curriculum* as a launching pad for developing a comprehensive Spanish Immersion preschool education.  The Creative Curriculum has been nationally recognized as one of the most effective curriculums in the country. Monthly units, or themes, of study will inspire authentic learning in science, literature, art, math/logic, creativity, play, and so much more.

Teachers will create weekly lesson plans that correlate with the monthly unit of study. Weekly lesson plans address critical developmental skills through music and play, inquiry based learning, rich literature, socialization, problem solving, creativity, and authentic learning activities.  Parents will be given general theme information and target vocabulary for each theme so that conversations about what is happening at school can be encouraged at home in English or Spanish. As students become more familiar with the program, they will be encouraged to speak in Spanish!

*The Creative Curriculum can be referenced HERE. For further information and resources, click here.