Maestra Juliana


Juliana is from Cali, one of Colombia’s largest and most vibrant cities.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and her deep interest in learning languages led her to study English and French.  She has lived in Philadelphia for 4 years and loves living and working in a culturally diverse and inclusive city.  Before working at Mi Casita, Juliana worked closely with children as a nanny and quickly discovered her passion for working with children.  She loves teaching at Mi Casita in her native language and creating a learning environment that is fun and exciting for her little students.

A true Colombian, Juliana loves music and fútbol.  She can play the guitar, move to the rhythm of salsa, and is quite skilled at juggling a soccer ball.  Juliana also enjoys time with her wife and both share the desire to try new things, explore new places and broaden their experiences.