June Unit: O-FISH-ally Summer: Under the Sea! ¡Bajo del Mar!

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¿Cómo convertimos nuestra clase en un mundo bajo el mar?/
How do we convert our class into a world under the sea?

Under the sea there is an immense world full of wonders, colors and many surprises that children love. The marine world has a great diversity of species that will give students the opportunity to investigate the shapes, colors and animals that live in it. During this project the students pretend to be marine biologists. You will discover everything about the sea through the game and countless fun activities. We will investigate what life is like under the sea and use marine life as inspiration for math and writing activities. We will read books and sing songs about the beautiful wonders of the ocean. 

With this fun and dynamic unit, we look for students to learn more about the majestic marine world and its wonders. We want you to use your imagination to plan together and create a space where you feel like you are under the sea, along with the sea creatures that you will have learned from. They will work as a team and collaborate with their classmates to transform their classrooms into marine worlds.

Libros we Love for Under the Sea!

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