Amigos of Mi Casita

Mi Casita has many amigos around Philadelphia.  As part of our project-based learning approach, Mi Casita believes in connecting with the Philadelphia community as often as possible.  Please read below to learn about our Amigos at Mi Casita!

Carolyn Clement Photography

Lara and Jo Show

Music Monkey Jungle

Music Monkey Jungle is on a mission to engage and motivate all learners to understand, connect, perform and present concepts of music, movement and dance through active participation. We strive to create a warm and safe environment where emotional, physical and social needs are met; giving everyone nurturing space to learn. To learn more, please visit

Soccer Shots

You will hear students scream ¡gooool! if you happen to enter Mi Casita on a Soccer Shots afternoon. This renowned program offers fun, structured soccer training. The coach emphasizes soccer skill development and teamwork. All students are so proud to score a goal at the end of the day.

Wharton Small Business Development Center

Mi Casita works closely with the Small Business Development Center at Wharton.

Zoom Dance

ZoomDance is an action adventure story-telling movement program specializing in leading young children in joyful, exuberant, imaginative classes, camps, and parties. We work specifically on building confidence in trying new things, being compassionate and communicative with others, and connecting as a community. We take a lot of care to create an extremely fun, safe, and supportive environment for young dancers!